global Variable


I am trying to create a global/Macro variable which would be used as a parameter throughout the flow.It would be used as a dependent variable for loops,


Could you please help me with this?



Hi vihar,

You might want to have a look at the nodes under the Workflow Control => Variables category in the Node Repository. Here you can find the dedicated nodes which help to create and operate on flow variables. In particular, if you want to create a flow variable it might be beneficial to use a Rule Engine Variable or a String Manipulation (Variable) node, for more sophisticated operations you can use a Java Edit Variable node. 

A Table Row to Variable node is useful if you want to create a workflow using a node output (table). 

You can also create a flow variable using one of the parameters used to configure a node. For that go to the Flow Variables tab in the node configuration dialog and input a name for your new variable in the input field (please see the attached screenshot).

When the variable is created it is carried along branches in a workflow via data links (black edges between nodes) and also via explicit variable links (red edges between nodes).

For more information about flow variables please also check this link.