Google Analytics node returns only portion of transactions (it isn't 10K limit row issue)

Hello to all,

I use Google Analytics node for monthly export of transaction and their details. So I regularly export transactionId, source, medium, date, hour, transactionRevenue etc. Because it takes more than 10 000 row, I use loop to get them all at once. It worked well until now. A few days ago I noticed that GA node now returns only portion of  all rows - I should get about 35 000 rows, but I get just about 9 000 rows. When I let GA node export just transactionID and no other dimension or metric, I will get all 35 000 rows. Even when I add metrics (e.g. transactionRevenue, tax) it exports all row. But when I add another dimensions (e.g. source), it exports only portions of rows :(

Does anyone has similar problem? OR better  - is there anyone who know how to solve this issue?

Thx & best,


Hi Jiri,

Is it possible that Google has made some changes to their API limits? From your description, it sounds like your full query could exceed some limit.