Google Analytics Querry

Hi guys!

I just start using knime and im really curious about this software. I’m always working with google analytics and prepare detailed marketing reports for my company but i need some automation. Thats why knime is the perfect choise for me. But i have some problems.

My permissions are ok but i still get this error which is right down on the picture.

How can i fix it? Can somebody help me about that? I need step by step documentation for this i think.

Please help…

Thanks a lot…

Hi @knimenooby

It seems that the profile ID set in the Google Analytics Connection contains invalid characters. It should only contain numbers, as in this example:


If you are authenticated correctly you should be able to select it via the drop-down menus.

I hope this solves the problem. Should it persists, we’ll need to dig deeper!


Thanks a lot! I’m appreciated to you!

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