Google Analytics startIndex and maxResults not working as expected

Hi there, 

I'm experimenting with getting data from the Google Analytics API. Everything works so far but now I am struggeling with the settings of the Google Analytics Query. 

Querying the data (custom dimension, sessions, page impressions) from Google Analytics (using exactly the same period as in KNIME) I get a table with 69.455 entries. 

Here is my setting in KNIME, where I just get a table with 7.409 entries. With the setting below I expected to get 30.003 entries using the same dimensions and metrics as in Google Analytics. 

Did I maybe misunderstand the startIndex or maxResults values. I though of them like ranges 

1st Query node: 1-10.001
2nd Query node: 10.002-20.002
3rd Query node: 20.003-30.003

Is somebody able to point out the error? 

I also tried to get the loop the queries for  the Google Analytics API. Unfortunately the examples I found in the forum didn't work. Can somebody help out with a working example?

Many thanks + Best regards, Andy :)

Hi Andy,

I can unfortunatly not tell you why you are getting different results via the nodes than you get otherwise. Your approach is correct (aside from the start index always beeing X0001). A attached a workflow that shows you how to query multiple pages with a loop.



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Hi Patrick, 

I could get it to work using your workflow!  :)

Thanks a lot!