Google API call with existing authentfication

Hi there,

I am trying to retrieve information via Google Analytics Management API. In particular the account IDs, all available profiles etc. so I can build a loop that fetches information from all available accounts.

  1. GET list of accounts{"max-results"%3A1000%2C"start-index"%3A1}#http-request

  2. GET list of web proerties per account{"accountId"%3A"745056"}

I’d like to use the Google API Auth-Node (O-Auth or via API) which can save the authentification in a local file. Unfortunately the format is not documented / comprehensible.

When trying to build the query my own, based on the workflow attached I found in another forum post, I fail as well.

Would much appreciate any guidance.

Kind regards

google_sheet_and_drive_rest_api.knwf (255.2 KB)

Hi Mike

Sadly it is not possible to use the authentication that is stored in the local file outside of the Google Authentication node. You could use it when you use the Java snippet node and Google libraries, but that might be out of scope.

The workflow that you attached however should provide you with the necessary access/refresh token to issue your queries. I guess you found it here. If you follow the step by step guide you should end up with valid tokens which you can use in node #167 (Create Request With Access Token):

The following GET Request node should retrieve whatever your request is.

In step 2. you need to activate the appropriate API for your call, in your case I guess this would be the Google Analytics API.

Maybe this helps Otherwise, to help you further, it would be interesting to know what problem you are running into with the workflow.


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