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Hi all,

I use Knime Desktop at work and have data workflows and would like to have the output written as google sheets instead of CSV or XLSX.

Lucky me, there are nodes for that: Google authentification, then google sheets connection and then writing.

When I am going through the authentification process, I get this “warning” from Google regarding policy and what Knime could access.

So my question is this: what can Knime actually access, because this is company work and data can be sensitive or even confidential.

I tried reading the privacy policy conditions but it was unclear to me if Knime could actually read, download, use my data sets or not.

Happy to have feedbacks on this / discuss this further,


Hi @pimafr and welcome to the forum.

This message is just a “global” notification from Google to make sure you understand that potentially, by using the Google nodes available in KNIME AP, you can read & write to the various sheets available in your account. But of course you are in control of which sheets you read and write to by configuring those nodes yourself - the AP doesn’t read all of the data in your account by default, or anything nefarious like that.

Ultimately what KNIME has access to in your Google account will be dictated by how you set up your workflow. Does that help?


Hi @ScottF,

Yes, I think I have a better understanding of the impact here.

Thanks for the feedback!

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