Google authentication by custom or node

It works well when using “Memory” to login by Google Authentication node, but I have no idea how to use “Custom” or “Node” to login instead of “Memory”. As I want to keep the ID and password somewhere for the flow to run automatically rather than having someone to login every time.

Please point me to examples to use “Custom” or “Node” to enable Google Authentication.

Hi @anguslou -

If you use the Custom option, you just need to provide a path to where you want to save the credentials. Then, when you click the “Sign in with Google” button, it will write a file to that location, and future executions of the node will look for that file. (If the file doesn’t exist, the node will complain.)

If you use the Node option, you don’t have to do anything other than click the sign in button, it just stores the creds in a different way than in-memory. While this is the most convenient option for future execution, it also the least secure - so be careful about who you share that workflow with!


wow…that is amazing, thank you.

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