Google Authentification Error



When authenticating with Google Accounts I am receiving the following error. This started to happen after I upgraded my Knime version to the 4.1.

Thanks in advance for any help provided


Hi @Larfinancelab -

Welcome to the forum. Are you using any other nodes besides the Google Authentication node (such as BigQuery, for example) when you see this error, or is it arising solely with this node?

Is there any additional info in the console or log file that you have available?

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Same issue, different post here for reference if ti gets solved later - Google Authentication Issue - Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app

even iam facing the same issue

unfortunately the type of authentication the Google Authentication node uses can no longer be verified with Google which is why this warning appears. If you want to access any of the Google Cloud Services such as Google BigQuery or Google Cloud Storage you have to use a Service Account key. Once you have the key you can authenticate using the Google Authentication (API Key) node.
For further details on how to connect to Google BigQuery and how to obtain a Service Account key see the BigQuery section of the database documentation.


I am just trying to access my Google Drive and Analytics through Knime and that doesn’t seem to be possible using a service account. Google Analytics, sure you could go through and ask to add a service account email into their analytics but no such luck for Drive. If there is a way to use this as my service email account like it is my personal email? Could you please share instructions if it is possible?

Same issue and none of the available options seems to be working. Here is what I have tried:
Google Auth Node

  • Memory - Cannot Authenticate app through browser
  • Custom - No explanation anywhere on where / how to save this file, or how to get the authentication file
  • Node - Cannot Authenticate app through browser

Google Auth API Key Node

  • Created a Service Account and P12 key file, saved the P12 file to the root directory (the node seems to have an issue recognising server paths), access the file through knime://knime.workflow/ with the key file saved in the base path. Appears to read the file and connect, gets the green light on the Google Sheets Connection Node, but fails on the Google Sheets Reader Node - Cannot load any sheets etc. So the access appears to stop somewhere. Do I need to give specific Drive permissions to the Service Account email?

There doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of documentation on using these nodes besides the standard ‘Authenticate in Browser’ mode

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I have not found a solution for this yet. Hopefully they re-enable the old authentication nodes! The p12 keys are hard to work with.

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Hi there!

I did set up p12 and works fine. After some time invested :smiley:

So after you have created service account and downloaded p12 file then you have to do two more things:

  1. Enable service API
    From node description of Google Authentication (API Key): “Please note: The specific Google API you want to use has to be enabled under ‘APIs’.
    This is done on GCP Console under APIs &Services.
  2. Grant sharing permissions on any necessary Google Drive files/folders with the Client email address
    From node description of Google Sheets Connection: “When using the Google Authentication (API Key) node to provide the Google API connection, spreadsheets have to be shared with the service account, before they can be accessed.

The documentation is not that bad only is a bit “shattered” and you need to be acquainted with terms.

And of course you need to give right scopes to Google Authentication (API Key) node :wink:

Good luck!



Hi Ipazin,

Is there a more detailed instruction that can be provided for this issue? A few screen shots to get the idea of what is going on here would be helpful…Thx for any help. You appear to be the only one with a pulse to this solution.

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Hi @tobias.koetter, @ipazin, and @ScottF, I am attempting to solve this using a Non-Google API approach. The only thing left is for the data to populate the table. Any help with this?

from import read_csv
import pandas as pd
import os
import os.path

googleSheetId = ‘YOUR GOOGLE SHEET ID Goes HERE’
worksheetName = ‘YOUR SHEET NAME’
URL = ‘{0}/gviz/tq?tqx=out:csv&sheet={1}’.format(

Data = pd.read_csv(URL)

df = pd.DataFrame(Data, columns = [‘Timestamp’,‘Email Address’,‘What is the Length of the Project?’,‘What is the Width of the Project?’,‘What is the Project Type?’,‘What is the Height of the Project?’

print (df)

filename = ‘GoogleSheetTable.csv’

Path to csv file

dirname1 = r’C:\Users\Owner\Documents\2019-Documents\Projects\Python_Projects\filename’

THIS_FOLDER = os.path.dirname(dirname1)
my_file = os.path.join(THIS_FOLDER,filename)

print (my_file)

output_table = pd.read_csv(my_file, delim_whitespace = True, header=None,
** names = [‘Timestamp’,‘Email Address’,‘What is the Length of the Project?’,‘What is the Width of the Project?’,‘What is the Project Type?’,‘What is the Height of the Project?’**

Results “Node is producing an empty Data Table” Format to get DataFrame is obviously wrong, please advise.:

*Table is getting the Headers, but no Data from DataFrame Illust #1

Results Appear Correct Illust #2

Code Appears to be Correct Illust #3

Empty Table is in the Warning ! Illust #4

Got it to dump file into a csv file, but it doesn’t place data in it’s own table with…

output_table = df.to_csv (my_file, index = None, header=True) #Don’t forget to add ‘.csv’ at the end of the path

It is now complete with this last line of code. If there is a better way, please advise.

output_table = read_csv(my_file)

To write to the
table in the Node…

output_table = DataFrame([

This worked for me, thank you!

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Thanks, I shall give that a go when I have more time.

Any idea how to access the P12 file when executing the workflow from KNIME Server?
I guess this question applies for any external files when executing on KNIME Server too!

I got it to work. I just created a new p12 file and now it works just fine.

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@tobias.koetter Is there any expectation that the old user-level authentication will be possible again in the future? Is there something KNIME can do to get verification, or is it just Google closing off that part of their platform?

Hi rsherhod,
sorry for the late reply. We are working on getting certified again with Google since December :frowning: Unfortunately this is a cumbersome process. We are very sorry about this and do our best to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Until then you need to use the Google Authentication (API Key) node with a p12 file to access data in Google Driver or Google Cloud.


I tried the walkthru but not working for me with Google Analytics-- what is GCP Console?