Google authetification local vs server

Have data i google big query so a lot of workflows connect to that, as it is now I have two Authentication nodes, one for the server and one for local, so I need to remember so swap those before uploading any workflow to the server. Of course I would like to have that so the workflow recognize where it’s executed so I don’t need to swap manually, is that possible and if so how?

this is how I have it today
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Hi @patber

I can recommend you using the component from my colleague @RolandBurger.
You can find it here on the KNIME Hub:

With it you can enable a switch which goes to the top for local and to bottom on the server.

Cheers, Iris

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Ended up not being so complicated

Extracted username from system properties and use a rule engine to set the different key file location and put that in a variable and use variable for key file location in the google auto node, done!

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