Google BigQuery Connector

Hi Guys,

My Machine is behind the organization proxy.

I want to ingest data from on-prem oracle DB to Google BigQuery.
I am using Google Authenticator (API) via p12 and using Google BigQuery Connector along with DB Table selector, DB Reader and bunch of other nodes.

This setup works fine if my laptop is outside my organizaiton envrionment (out of proxy) and connected to internet directly, but the moment, I am in internal envrionment, I am not able to connect the Google BigQuery Connector, although, I am able to execute Google Authentication (API Key), but Google BigQuery connector is giving me an error as below.


ERROR Google BigQuery Connector 3:2 Execute failed: [Simba]BigQueryJDBCDriver HttpTransport IO error : {0}.


I am putting right proxy URL and authorization detail in KNIME >Preferences > General > Network, but no luck.

Again, it works fine when my mahcine is off the ogranization network and connected to internet directly.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


Hello @kotvir,

looking at Install and configuration guide for JDBC driver from here seems you can (should) define proxy properties like ProxyHost, ProxyPassword, ProxyPort and ProxyUsername(?) within your connection URL string. Possibly these can be defined on JDBC Parameters tab as well.


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