Google BigQuery - P12 Key Encryption

Hello together,

I’m trying to use a secure encrypted P12 Key to access Bigquery Data.
The Key is already created over the BigQuery service account but it comes with a unsecure password.
Im not able to change that password on Google side. It seems that also KNIME is fix connected with that password. A encryption afterwards (i use Java’s Keytool) leads to a failure of the Google Authentication (API Key) Node .


I get the following error message: “ keystore password was incorrect”
Do you know if it’s possible to configure the new PW in the Authentication node?

With the unsecure PW everything works fine!

What i’ve done:

  • create Key Pair with service account
  • connect KNIME to BigQuery with the [Google Authentication (API Key) ] Node.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Basti_Walz,

I’m not quite sure what exactly you’re doing, but if you are using your own Java keystore, you can specify that (and it’s password) in the knime.ini file (replace the <> entries):<C:/path/to/keystore.jks><PWD>

Is that what you were looking for?

Kind regards

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Hi @marvin.kickuth ,

sorry for the late reply.
It works now!


Kind regards

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