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Hello all. New to KNIME. We have an Alteryx team in our department that does the bulk of our automation. I am an analyst using Python and Spotfire mostly.
We have a use case here where I see KNIME as a possible tool to use. If not replace Alteryx.

Here is the dilemma: We have a file that is generated to html API, it is a flat file,xls. We currently read the files in, do some standard transformations and joins, comparisons over previous days document on the network drive, and then place on a networked drive. We are transitioning to Google Drive.

We want to be able to take the file do this workflow then send to a team drive on google. In Alteryx, I can do all the work except tow things: Making the file placed have a dynamic naming [file_name_currentdate], placing in a Team Drive.

In Alteryx I can place only to my personal drive. I cannot have a shifting naming convention. Nor am I able to read the previous days files from the Google drive because of the same limitations in the file name (FileID) tracking. Because of these we really cannot use the automation process we plan on utilizing.

My Question
I like the look and feel of KNIME, what I’ve seen so far, and would love to run with this. However, I do not know if it can accomplish what I am looking to do.
Can KNIME read from a Team Drive via a folderID/file name?
Can KNIME write a file to a Team Drive to same said TD with a dynamically changing date in the file name?

Even if KNIME can send to my local drive I have a Google App script to pull into team drive. The real problem seems to be scheduling a file read on a file name whose name changes with the day the file was pulled.

I hope I was concise enough.

Hi @WMcClure and welcome the KNIME community forum,

About the file naming process: ez pz in KNIME!

And about saving the file in Google Drive you can read this topic:



Hi there @WMcClure,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Just in case you haven’t found out about it there is also KNIME book From Alteryx to KNIME. Check this topic. Except from link to the book there are also links to other topics in which might be helpful.



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