Google Maps Directions API?

Hi, I want to get the distance between two Geolocations using the Google Maps directions API.

I have the Goelocaitons but wondering if there is an extension to use the Google Maps directions API, or is it best done using a REST call?

The question seems to be how to encode URL parameters with the REST GET node?

I need to add some parameters coming from a column. Is that done via flow variables?

Ok, there isn’t a way that I can reference any columns in a URL like …?par1={my-knime-column-name}

The trick is to build the URL with all parameters as a string and then use this string as URL… a bit complicated but so what, works.



If you have Latitude and Longitude values, you can use Latitude/Longitude to Coordinate nodes with Geo Distance nodes to calculate the Haversine distance and use Column Distance to get the distance values. You can get the Latitude and Longitude values from Google Places API.

You can see an example here (check danielesser’s solution);



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