Google Search, Number of results

For a comprehensive research I have included the component “Google Search” from @bruno29a in a loop.
Google_Search_Loop.knwf (52.8 KB)

Unfortunately I can’t find the possibility to determine the number of found pages. Per loop I almost always get 10 results. But would like to bring it down to 3 or 4, so as not to strain the Google limit :slight_smile:
Where can I determine the number? Under “GET Request” I have not found that.

Many greetings

Hey @sabsab , the component is basically doing a GET the same way you would submit a search via Google’s web page. So, just like you can’t control how many results are return on the web page, the behaviour is the same in the component.

It is very considerate from you not to strain the Google limit indeed. I would suggest adding a “pause”/“sleep” within the loop. You can do this using the Wait node:

You can configure it at 2-3 seconds so that it waits 2-3 seconds before submitting the next request.


Hi @bruno29a and thanks for the quick answer.
The problem is that the search involves about 1000 search pairs. With about 10 results per pair that makes 10.000. So I exceed limits of Google pretty fast and have to wait many hours. Can this be circumvented?

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