Google Sheet node has some issue

Dear sir,

I found some issue about google sheet updater node.

In this case, I have google sheet with data which A1 to V154 and then I has using Google Sheet Updater and click Append Sheet

after execute, New data has appended to sheet at V155

What should I setting mapping new data to append to mapping the header on sheet with new data

Thank you

Hi @kritsapatw,

I’m not entirely sure why you have the behavior you describe: in my example, A1:E8 is filled, row 9 is empty before updating, and I add four string-columns with the Google Sheets Updater. This is my result:

This is the setup I use (KNIME AP 4.4.2):

Then again, I don’t know too much about google sheets - why are your cells marked in green for example? Could it be that they are somehow protected/treated specially? Which AP version are you on?

Best, Lukas

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