Google sheet reader not extracting numbers, just strings

Hi all,
I’m new to Knime and already loving it’s potential!
I’m trying to use it connect to google sheets and extract, elaborate and write data (a lot of it are numbers).
My issue is that even with a simple google sheets I’m not able to have the node Google Sheets Reader directly recognize and interpret data as numbers.
I ditched the Italian number formatting and I created a basic sheet as a test case just made of three simple columns with number formatted in US/UK convention like the image attached, but the reader node just recognizes everything as string.
How can I make it properly recognize number and avoid tedious and convoluted stuff afterwards to transform data?

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 16.10.08

Hey @sickrandir,

Welcome to the community!

Google sheets reader will read it in as a string, but they can easily be converted to a number using either ‘String to Number’ or ‘Column Auto Type Cast’. Make sure to uncheck the ‘Has Row Header’ in ‘Google Sheets Reader’ as it will consider that first column under ‘one’ to be the RowID.

Here is a sample workflow:

Hope this addresses your issue,