Google Sheets Joiner Node

HI, i am Ajisafe

i started using knime a month ago,

Please i would love to know if there is any Google Sheet Joiner Node

Hi @ajisafeadeoye , welcome to the community!

Knime offers connection to google products with authentications steps and manipulations.

Some nodes for it:


But if you need to manipulate directly into google sheets, you need to connect, read, make some transformation and write again to the sheet.

Was it clear for you now?



Thank you Dennis,

You did not get my question,

Just as we have DB joiner Node, I was asking if we have Google Joiner Node

Did you get me now


well, i tried to find it but it not comes original with knime… maybe you can find something like it as an extension from partners.

I know that knime have a joiner node that can be used after you brought the data into the flow.

Maybe it can help you.



Thank you,

I actually searched the extention it was not there

I know of joiner nodes, both Joiner and DB joiner

I was thinking that instead having to download my data i to excel then use the joiner node , if there is google joiner node, i could read many google sheets with a google joiner node

Thanks for all your contributions

Hi @ajisafeadeoye ,

A joiner node joins data that is in KNIME tables. The data gets into KNIME tables from a variety of data sources which could be Excel, databases, Google Sheets or a number of other sources that are connected via connector nodes.

In order to join data in KNIME, the data will have to be downloaded to the machine on which KNIME is running.

Google sheets cannot in themselves be joined without the data being brought down to KNIME as they are passive data sources, effectively nothing more than data files held on a different server.

DB Joiner nodes in contrast don’t actually do any joining of data - they simply assist in composing a database query that is ultimately sent to the database server. With database servers there is an active executable running on a (usually) remote machine that can receive the request (the query) and perform the “joins” between database tables before returning the requested data. So databases are an active data source.

Google sheets are just like Excel spreadsheets in that you need to use a dedicated reader node to make the data available to KNIME whereupon it can be joined or transformed. So there is not a Google Sheets joiner, just as there isn’t an Excel joiner.

I hope that helps.

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