GPT-3 answers StackOverflow Questions

I think we can all agree that platforms like StackOverflow are extremely useful to get answers for all kind of questions. Usually, there’s always someone out there in the depths of the world wide web has a smart answer to your problem.

What if I tell you that you can now use a KNIME workflow that lets a languagemodel answer your StackOverflow question? This is exactly what my colleagues @aniloezer and @roberto_cadili did in the newest chapter of the “Will They Blend?” booklet!

They have built a KNIME workflow that uses gpt3 aka Generative Pre-trained Transformer version 3) to answer the top 10 most frequently asked questions on StackOverflow.

:books: Check out yourself and download the book here: Will They Blend? The Connector Collection | KNIME
:yellow_heart: The corresponding workflow is available for download from the KNIME Community Hub: GPT-3 meets StackOverflow – KNIME Community Hub

You only need to request your OpenAI API key and you’re ready to go!

:bulb: PS. The “Will They Blend?” and its workflows have also been updated to KNIME v4.7.


…And if you prefer to input your own questions, our #KNIME workflow allows you to do that too. For example, we asked #GPT3 about the meaning of life :upside_down_face:.


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