Gradient Boosted Trees to PMML/SQL


i have a question about Gradient Boosted Trees Learner node. Can I somehow export/save learned model as PMML, and then convert it to SQL query? I know how to do it with Tree Ensemble Learner node, but can't do the same with Gradient Boosted Trees Learner.

Why I'm asking? I need to integrate my learned model with SQL Server Warehouse, so i see to 2 solutions:

1. Create table-value function based on model converted to SQL query,

2. Integrate it somehow with SSIS, but i don't know how to export Gradient Boosted Trees model to something useful for SSIS/C#.

I will be really grateful for any help.

Hi Elderion,

the Gradient Boosted Trees nodes are fairly new (added in 3.2) and unfortunately it is not possible to export the learned model to PMML yet.

This doesn't mean that it won't be possible in future versions of the KNIME AP but I fear there is currently no satisfactory solution for your problem other than sticking to the Tree Ensemble and Random Forest nodes.

Sorry that I couldn't be of much help to you.



Thx nemad!

Solution with Tree Ensemble works.

Best, Elderion


Gradient Boosted Trees generally rank between the best solutions, so the possibility to export those in PMML would be extremely interesting.

Is there any news on this? Anybody knows when the PMML exporting feature for Gradient Boosted Trees will be available?

Thanks in advance for any news on this.



Just to wrap this threat up:
We now have a node that translates Gradient Boosted Trees to PMML (both classification and regression).
It’s called Gradient Boosted Trees to PMML and is located in the Gradient Boosting category.



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