Graph how many users are currently logged in


is there an easy way to create a diagram for us to see how many users are logged in on average days.
we host a platform where students get free of charge help and need to align better when our tutors are logged in and can help…

The data we have:
date tutorID loginTime logoutTime

so on a single date, multiple rows show all tutors and when available (time btw login and logout)
and every tutor is listed for all days when logged in

desired output is a chart (like a bar chart or anything even better) where we can see:
from 0AM to 1AM : 0 tutors
from 1AM to 2AM: 2 tutors

from 9AM to 10AM: 25 tutors
and so on

I researched and played around, but have not found a way.
Tried to crate 24 columns (1 for each hour of the day), then mark it with “1” if tutor available (which I did not succeed so far), then calculate the sum for each column and do a bar chart (which works).
But as I did not fully succeed so far and this seems far to complicated, I look for a good idea of someone more familiar with KNIME than me.

Appreciate your help!

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Hi Jürgen (@JN75 ),

welcome to the Community!

Your task sound very similar the “Diurnal Curve - Tageskurve / Task Curve - Auftragskurve”-post from earlier (and your approach sounds pretty close to mine):

Maybe you can reuse the workflow there and adjust it to your needs?

Let me know if this works for you!
Best, Lukas


Dear Lukas,

thank you for the quick answer.
I loaded your workflow and tried, looks very promising.
I need to analyze each node now and understand what exactly it is doing and why. I think I will be able to adapt to my needs.

All the best to you,

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success :slight_smile:

exactly what we where looking for and a big help for future work

Thank you again, Lukas!


You are very welcome, I’m glad it helped! :slight_smile:

I just noticed these sections in your plot:

Looks like there are a duplicate entries at these times: If this should be an issue, you can use the “Group-by” Node, group by the ‘time’-column and do a meaningful aggregation on the ‘number of tutors online’-column, e.g. sum or max. I just happend to have struggled with the exact same thing :wink:


I fixed that yesterday via duplicate row filter and keeping the row with maximum y-value.
I also implemented a bar chart which is much nicer.

currently I am struggling with automatic calculation of days btw 2 flow variables (that are of type string).
I tried with “Java edit variable”, but am not clever enough to case 2 strings of format YYYY-MM-DD into 2 dates that can be subtracted from each other.
I use these 2 flow variables to filter rows at the beginning and to insert an automated chart subtitle…
Please check my latest chart:


typo. I wanted to say “cast 2 strings …”

Nice plot!

In this case I’d do some Date&Time <-> string conversion before converting to flow variables to use the “Date&Time Difference”-Node like so:


you are clever and experienced.
Don’t you want to join our team? Just friendly asking, no obligations! :slight_smile:
check out if you are curious of what we are doing…

I modified slightly as I need the interval as a number and increase it by 1.

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