Graphical bug

I wanted to tell you about a graphical bug I found out today. Inside the R Plot, when you selected a template, like in the image below. If you then edit the template and save it again (try this a few times after eachother) you will notice the enters get bigger and bigger in your description. Any idea to change this? Because it’s irritating to always scroll down if I want to change my parameters after changing my template a few times.

In the attachment you can find a visualisation of what i mean. the enters just keep on getting bigger and bigger every time.

Hi Kris

so far we figured out, that it is a bug in the rgg-engine. So we need to dig in their source code to fix that problem.



That's nice that you found the problem. It's not really an issue for the user, since they probably won't change the script. But for me, it got a drag to always use another node because I had to scroll miles down.


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