GraphQL query

I tried to use the GET Request node to receive the result of a GraphQL query, but this did not work.

Any idea how I can execute a GraphQL query? Is there a node in KNIME for this?

This would be my test URL:{allFilms{title}}

Hi and welcome -

It seems like it is immaterial whether this is a GraphQL query - it seems like you’re interesting in posting a GET and wanting to parse the JSON object(s) that return (i.e there is nothing here that has to do with GraphQL - no?)

If that is the case, the Hub has several examples of processing JSON:

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JSON parsing is not the problem. My question is how I can get the JSON data from above URL into KNIME. The execution step of the GraphQL query is somehow missing…

Your above URL is not a RESTful call - it produces a pretty web page that includes UI elements to then run a query. I would imagine you could find the RESTful call by monitoring the network connections in your browser, and once you have found the RESTful call, use it in a GET or POST node.

My understanding is that a GraphQL endpoint is not a RESTful endpoint. Therefore my question: How can I get data from a GraphGL request in to KNIME? There should be an own node where the GraphQL endpoint and the GraphQL query could be configured.

Eh… the QL is ‘query language’ as you know, it’s not a new alternative to HTTP lest it be named GraphTP instead… plus, the other dead give away is that there is a large button in the middle of a web page that, when clicked, has the web browser perform a network transaction and return results. So we can be sure there is a RESTful call - it might be nice were there a node that formatted whatever that RESTful call is in the payload required, i agree.

Looking at the network connections for you, i see:

Seems like the POST node for you - good luck.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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