Greek symbols not written by csv writer

I want to be able to write out Greek symbols into a csv file. This doesn't seem to be possible in my installation currently (2.8.2). Does anyone have a work-around within Knime?  Is there anything extra (and free!) that can be included in the knime installation to bring this about?

           Many thanks




Hi John, 

It seems to work for me (eg. Ξ ξ).

Can you post an example where this fails?  Also, what OS are you using?  


Hi Aaron

Here attached a simple work flow that reads an xls and writes a csv. The xls contains a number of mu's. These are written as "?" in the csv

The xls was modified output  from my original workflow and consequently the mu's are correctly saved by the xls writer node.

My OS is Windows 8.1. 

  Thanks for your help