Group a result based on criteria (per row)

HI All,
I have a use case where i want to have a group a result based on their status (per row). If all the statuses are rejected or withdrawn it should be “Hard Delete”. On the other hand, if there’s one ‘active’ status and the rest of the statuses are rejected or withdrawn, it should be “No Delete” for Active and “Soft Delete” for rejected or withdrawn

|Ben|Rejected|Hard Delete|
|Ben|Rejected|Hard Delete|
|Ben|Withdrwan|Hard Delete|
|Sue|Active|No Delete|
|Sue|Rejected|Soft Delete|
|Sue|Withdrwan|Soft Delete|


Hey @Ccas,

with the workflow below you could do something like this. What it basically does is to look which unique person hast got an “Active” entry and for those we apply the Rule Engine Node to get the “No Delete” or “Soft Delete” entries and for all others which only have “Rejected” or “Withdrwan” we add a constant value to the Result column with “Hard Delete”.

Hope this helps!

Best regards

check_for_active.knwf (17.5 KB)


Hi @laaaarsi - Thank you! The sample workflow you’ve provided works on my use case. :grinning:

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