Group and changing header.

Hi there :)


I'm trying to find solution to my problem but I can't so far. 

I have this table


Kamil 2
Adam 9


Lucas 1
Ada 3
Lucas 3


And I want to group each the same person and have the following result


Kamil Adam Lucas Ada
2 9 1 3
9   3  



or this way 


Kamil 2 9  
Adam 9    
Lucas 1 3  
Ada 3    




Is it possible ? 


Hi 89trunks,

That can be done using the GroupBy node, grouping by the name and using "concatenation" as aggregation function.

I hope this can help.




It's almost the answer but I would like to have each number in separate (different) column. 


But anyway thanks a lot :) 

Try Split Collection Column node.

Can't do that because there is some error like:


"The dialog cannot be opened for the following reason: No column in spec compatible to "CollectionDataValue" 


After Groupby and using concatenation the result of it is: 

Kamil 2, 9

1, 3



I think if the node of Split Collection Column would work it should be 


Kamil [2, 9] 
Lucas [1,3]

So the bracets are missing ?



You're right, that happens because the result of the GroupBy node (concatenation) is not strictly a collection type so Split Collection Column node cannot be used. Instead you can use the Cell Splitter node with "," as splitting delimiter. See my example (attached).


Thank you very much :)

That is what I was looking for.