Group and write Data to Different tables based on table dimension

Hello, I have an excel file with data spread across multiple sheets (say 100). Some of the tables in a sheet have different dimensions (rows and columns) and I’d like to write this data off to one table, but because these tables have different dimensions, is there a way to group them by dimensions and then write them to new different tables? Please help


Hello @Sbhandary

You will have to Loop throughout the whole set of spreadsheets; for each sheet, you can extract the table dimension with the help of ‘Extract Table Dimension’ node, and send it to variable.

For this user case, there are different options depending on context:

  1. Assuming that you already know the predefined dimensions of each group of resulting concatenated tables (few); you can operate inside the loop with a series of ‘IF Switch’ nodes connected to a ‘Loop End’ with as many ports as output tables… after that, you can handle individual grouped output tables as per custom demand (write to file…)

  2. In case that you don’t know how many Table Families you have. You can ‘Loop’ through aiming to classify by table dimension. Then next ‘Group Loop’ through a unique workflow and save them to different grouped files inside the loop.

I hope you can find this helpful.


Thanks for the help it worked :slight_smile:

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