group by median

And another question:

I tried to group some numeric data to calculate its median but I get the following message and a missing value as result:

WARN      GroupBy     Skipped group(s) per column by group value(s): Intensity_IntegratedIntensity_MaskMc3="1"

I cannot see why it should not be possible to calculate a median and I don't understand this warning. In R it's no problem at all to calculate the median of this data (does not even contain missing values).

I can provide the data and workflow if needed. But maybe you already know why this happens?


Hi Antje,

the groups are skipped because at least one of the groups contains more values than specified in the 'Maximum unique values per group'. Increasing this value allows the node to keep more values per group in memory and will thus allow you to calculate the median.



Thanks a lot, Tobias! I forgot about this setting... the warning is just very much confusing (in my opinion).