Group by min/max counts not showing missing values

So, in an attempt to analyze data, I have a column of State that contains the two-letter abbreviation of US states.
I have a Group By node that is calculating the min/max values of this and many other fields, and my expectation was that the result would show ? when there was an instance of a missing value. However, it is not doing that.

Was my expectation wrong, or should checking the missing checkbox in the Manual Aggregation for the Maximum and Minimum produce a result that indicates missing values?

I’ve added the Missing Count as a new aggregate, but I’m curious about the Min/Max logic with missing values now.

The aggregate functions have check-mark for missing values. See if it makes a difference for your aggregations.

Thanks, I’ve tried it both ways, and it doesn’t appear to make a difference. I was expecting that having the box checked would include missing in the results. But it kind of appears that that may only be the case when doing an actual count or numeric function.

Hi there @serendipitytech,

this works normally for me if I got you right. Can you share example where this can be checked? Take a look here how to create one:


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