Group by problem

I have a problem to group my data as i want. The picture shows the table structure. I want to build the mean of the values defined by ID num, tonic, person and visit. Visit appears three times but I need all other informations to distinguish. Is there a possibility in the group By node to preserve all individual columns or do I have to combine them?

Hi there @wbart,

columns included in output of GroupBy node are all grouping columns plus one column for each aggregation defined. So if grouping is defined by ID num, tonic, person and visit; and you calculate mean for every other column in green rectangle you will have all columns from print screen in your output :wink:

Does this help?



I figured out that it was a joining problem not a group by problem .
So thank you for your help I make a new Topic.

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ok @wbart.
Closing this one then.