Group combine by attribute

Hi there,

I`m a new person in Knime.


I`m in need of reversing the data from:

Column1 Column2

aaaaaa 100000

aaaaaa 100001

bbbbbb 1012122

bbbbbb 100000

bbbbbb 103

cccccc 55

zzzzzz .........




Column1 Column2

aaaaa 100000 100001

bbbbb 10112122 100000 103

cccccc 55

zzzzz ...............


I`ve tried to google it, or search via forum. But couldn`t find any solution.


Any help with that?

Thank you


I've attached a workflow that should solve your problem. :)

This can be done with the "GroupBy" node and the "Cell Splitter" node.

Best wishes,


Is it not a Pivot node?

Thank you,

I was close enough :)