Group loop for Gsheets

Hello everyone.

I am trying to use the group loop to update/append new data to the Google sheets. The problem is the group loop is working but it only updates/appends the data to the tabs already present in the Gsheet, if there is a new data(grouped by country), the node fails. I am using the Google updater node.

I also found that that I can create new sheets using the Google appender node but it won’t actually append the data to the same tab and fails if the data is already there.

Background: Each month I get new data, for e.g I have Countries in 1 column and totals in another. I just want to append the new data to Gsheets every month but it fails if there is a new country using the Google updater node. Can anyone help me with this ?

For google authenticator you can use interactive instead of API, if you don’t have access to API keys.

Here is an example workflow: Excel:
Country dummy.xlsx (8.9 KB)

Gsheet group loop.knwf (91.8 KB)


I would suggest creating a flow where it checks if the sheet already exists, if yes use the Google Updater node else use the Google Appender node.

Here is an example explaining the possible solution for this problem.