Group Loop Start Behaving Weird

I have a big data set that I'm running thorugh a Group loop start. For some reason its creating junk rows (Row ID's like Cleared_Rowx ) and missing data for all other columns, because if which my loop end is taking enormous amount of time to join back all tables and the whole process is staling:

Intermediate table looks somethign like below- 


Row1                           ID                         Count                  Other Col's...

Row 0                          23                            45                      .....

Cleared_Row1             ?                              ?                            ?...

Cleared_Row2              ?                               ?                          ?...

Cleared_Row3                ?                                 ?                        ?...

Rows 2-4 are not in the original table at all not sure where they are coming from. Has anyone noticed this before and any leads for resolution ??


Thanks !



Mohammed Ayub

Hi Mohammed,

Sound strange. Are you joining or oncatenating any data in your workflow? Also, is it just `Group Loop Start` - Workflow - 'Loop End`? Any chance, you can provide the workflow you are running (favourable a reduced version, which only depicts the problem)?

Thank you,


Yeah its a little strange. Good news is the junk rows dont show up in the loop end result. 

I have attached the workflow for reference, if you execute the loop end and open up & keep your group loop Start table view open. You should see all the junk rows flash by(hence I could not screen shot them). If I "step loop execution" I could not find them either, but I'm pretty sure they are there and causing a join issue.  

Is this because I could be using "Streaming Job manager", resetting nodes  etc. ?

Appreciate if you can take a look.

Thanks !