Group the days by range

Hi, i have the data below.
Can I which node to use so i can output the Day Range by days?

|Days|Amount|Day Range|
|1| 1,000 |< 1 weeks|
|14| 2,000 |< 1 months|
|28| 2,300 |< 1 months|
|60| 2,030 |< 6 Months|
|75| 2,093 |< 6 Months|
|377| 2,010 |> 1yr, < 2 yrs|
|1920| 3,090 |> 3 yrs|

Book5.xlsx (13.5 KB)

Try with the β€œRule engine” node

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Thanks for the tip. Is working now.

Hi there @alvintph,

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Would you like to compare Days column to Day Range column? If my guess is valid it will take couple of more nodes to do so. I would try following approach. Considering you can have min and max use Cell Splitter with comma as delimiter. Then depending if you have β€œ<” or β€œ>” char define your min and max columns with Rule Engine nodes and LIKE operator. Then remove β€œ<”, β€œ>” chars using String Manipulation and again with series of Rule Engines, String Manipulations, Math Formula or Column Expressions node turn your min and max columns to be ready for comparison.

Give it a try and in case of any questions feel free to ask :wink:


Thanks. Will try the recommendation.

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