Groupby and Concatenate Rows based on ID

Hi Knime Community,

I’m looking for a solution which will look at all rows of my data set and combine duplicate records into one row based on a single ID column. However I also want to concatenate the data in each row if it is unique. I’ve tried to show what I want in the simple snapshot below:


Couldn’t find the right node to achieve this… little help?

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Think I solved my own problem - unique concatenate in the manual aggregation tab for all fields. :slight_smile:


Hi @Cburgess and welcome to the community AND thanks for the example. This makes everything much more convenient.

You can use GroupBy node on the “ID” column and use the “Concatenate” as the aggregation method on the other columns.


P.S. You were faster than me. Still I post this to say hi, welcome and thanks. :+1:


@armingrudd thanks for the welcome and solution :slight_smile:

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