Groupby and unique concatenate with count

How can I sort values in brackets from max to min in unique concatenate with count by gropby e.g.
I have:

Zrzut ekranu (49)

and I want:

Zrzut ekranu (50)

Hi @pjacob

If you want to have the items sorted out in a groupby operation, the best is to sort them out before you do the grouping and then, they should be sorted out when you group them.

Please try it, but if it doesn’t work, please post your data in a minimalist workflow “before grouping” and with the groupby node as you did it. I’ll complete it to get it as you want it back in the workflow.

best regards,



Hi there @pjacob,

Seems there is no easy way to achieve it. What I have done is extracted number in parentheses (after some preprocessing) and then sort it descending in a loop.

Here is workflow example to check:
2020_04_21_Sort_By_Occurance.knwf (28.5 KB)

Best would be that GroupBy node already has this option but seems a bit specific…
Ticket created. (Internal reference: AP-14052)


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