Groupby column using variable

Hi everyone,

I am quite new to knime and currently stuck on a problem.
I have a table with few columns, and another column with selected column name (headers) from the 1st table.

Is there anyway​ that i could group the column through flow variable?
The reason i want to use variable is the columns to group may change as i generate it based on some manipulations.

Thanks in advance

Hi Sofi,

yes this is possible. But I have to admit, it is rather complicated.

What I would suggest is using the type based or pattern based aggregations. There you can define a grouping method for all columns matching the pattern.

if this is not possible, you might want to rename the columns, you can do this with the column rename regex node, and afterwards configure the node based on those configuration columns only. 

Hope this helps,

Cheers, Iris