GroupBy - no aggregation for Columns' selection


Another question concerning this time the node GroupBy

I have a file containing several columns with string values cells and other with numeric values.

I run the GroupBy node with a grouping setting on a string ID, and everything is fine for numeric values

I just would like to know how to add my other columns with string values on result

Many thanks for your help

It depends. If your string columns are unique as ID just add them to the grouping list.
On aggregation side you can use Firs/Last grouping options to list you columns.

Many thanks for your feedback Izaychik

Just one more question.
Could you let me know what is the difference between First vs Last option


If you have more than one value/values corresponding to the grouping key then it makes a difference. If your key is like primary key is unique for combination of other field then no difference.