Groupby Node Feature Request


I really like the GroupBy node for pulling back statistical measures such as Mean, Median, Mode. However, it would also be very powerful to pull back the top quarter percentile value  (Top Quartile) and the bottom quarter percentile value (Bottom Quartile). By this I mean taking back the value 25% from the maximum in the list, and the taking back the value 25% from the minimum in the list. The reason this is useful is sometimes the max and min end up reporting back the outliers within your dataset, but what you want to see is the max and min values of where the majority of the dataset lies. I hope this is possible.



with the next KNIME release at the end of July the group by node will offer much more statistics e.g. second moment, quantile, correlation, covariance, sum of squares/logs, Kurtosis, Skewness, MAD (mean/median absolute deviation).



That's an excellent news!

Thanks a lot to the whole KNIME team.