GroupBy pass GroupByColumns as variable


I’m trying to pass a collection of columns to include in the GroupBy node. When I create a collection manually and try to use it by assigning it to the InclList I get an error stating that the Group column ‘columns in list’ not in spec.
When I create a variable from a GroupBy list and then use that variable the GroupBy works fine. All I can think is that the two variables isn’t actually the same type.

In the attached file, the “IncludeList” variable was created in a GroupBy node, and that workes, but the “PrimaryKeys” variable was created with a “Create Collection Column” node, they seem to be the same, but it doesn’t work.

Got it sorted. I had a step where I manually created the list as a comma delaminated string, and that was just one string although it looked like a list. When creating the collection but passing the column names in actual columns it all worked.


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