Grouping and filtering rows

I have a public dataset from a data center and would like to flatten the data. 
For example here's a sample:


Station                                                             date                                                  type                               value

USC00242347 2000-01-01 TMAX 61
USC00242347 2000-01-01 TMIN -72
USC00242347 2000-01-01 PRCP 0
USC00242347 2000-01-01 SNOW 0

I would like the data to look like: 

USC00342347 2000-01-01 TMAX 61 TMIN -72 PRCP 0 SNOW 0

Essentially I want to aggregate the type and value variables based on the station and date. 

How should I do this process? 



the Pivoting node can do this.

Best, Iris