Grouping date by month error

Hi, I’m working on a dataset with dates and I’m quite new with knime. The date column is written like YYYY-MM.DD and my goal is to aggregate the date by week and month.

  • First, I used the String to Date&Time node in order to have the date in correct data type.
  • Then, I tried to used the Date Field Extractor (legacy) node to perform the grouping I intended to do. But when I configure the node I get an error saying “No column in spec compatible to DateAndTimeValue”

Am I missing something? And if it isn’t possible to use the date extractor with my data, could anyone suggest me another way of tackling this problem?

Thanks, anyway!

Hello @beatriz1490,

and welcome to KNIME Community!

Legacy means there is a new/defferent node with this functionality or a new version of this node. In your case you are looking for Extract Date&Time Fields :wink:



Hi @beatriz1490 , as I recall, legacy nodes must be used with legacy nodes too.

Here’s a complete list of all legacy nodes for Date and Time: KNIME Timeseries nodes – KNIME Hub

From there, I think you might want to use the String to Date/Time (legacy) node instead of String to Date&Time.

Edit: I was writing at the same time as @ipazin

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Oh, thanks! It was really that easy ahahaha

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