grouping rows and putting them in a new column


I want to group all the rows that are false into a column and all the rows that are right into another column.
This is my starting point:

At the end I want a Table that is structured like this:
Row ID | Count | True | False

Does anybody have an idea how i can reach this?

Thanks alot


is this what you are looking for?

Let me know,


hi @lelloba,

i didnt found that node in my repository… do you have any other solutions?

Thank you vermy much!

Hi Mo_Gha,

which node is missing? Maybe we can just install an extention and make it work!


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Hi @Mo_Gha , just import @lelloba 's workflow, and Knime will offer to automatically install any missing node/extension when you open the workflow.

Hi @lelloba and @bruno29a ,

i tried the workflow but knime couldnt install the column expression node.
Maybe i have an older knime version ?

Maybe try drag-and-drop of the node from the KNIME Hub? Here: Column Expressions

This node was introduced in KNIME 3.6, so it’s been around a while at this point.

hi @ScottF ,
i dont know why but I can not install it per drag-and-drop, too. It says that it is too long.
This is the output i get.


Sometimes that happens when you are on your company’s network, or are trying to update over VPN. Have you tried accessing the KNIME Hub from a different physical location?

hi @ScottF,
yes i tried it at home, too. It is probably because of the vpn. I try to figure that out. Thank you anyways!

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