Grouping string values in a single column to a parent string group value

Am looking to group string values in a column so that I have an additional column with a parent string. For example

Column 1        New Column
Toothbrush      Brush
Hair_Brush      Brush
Hand_Soap      Soap
Dish_Soap       Soap
Bath_Soap       Soap

Does "GroupBy" work for this?

What is it precisely that you aim at doing ?

GroupBy provides you with summarized statistics for any given group based on your observations.

Do you want to predict the parent class an existing set of parent-child relationships ? (see data mining nodes)

Another idea of relationships is building a tree or a graph (edges and vertices) -> see network related nodes.

Thank you for your response.

I have a very large dataset I'm working with (too big to manipulate in Excel). One character string variable has about 30 unique values. I want to create a new variable where the 30 values are grouped into only 5 values.  (ex. "Hair_Brush" and "Toothbrush" would both map to "Brushes" in the new variable). This would allow me to look at my data on a higher level, should I choose to do so. 

In Excel I would just add a new column, create a mapping file, then use VLOOKUP to map the 30 unique values to the 5 parent values. 


So I'm looking for a node where I can set up mapping rules to create this new variable. 

Rule engine maybe?

The equivalent of vlookup is Joiner with Left or Right Join.

You should have a look at the Cell Replacer:
Create a table with your groupings (which is what you did in your first post) and then apply the cell replacer to your real data with the "Append new column"-option checked.