Grouping to find latest date but also keep all columns


I have a table with about 10 columns in which 1 of those columns (Project Number) has data that I can group by and 1 column has dates (Edited Date).

I can use the GroupBy node to add Project Number in the ‘Groups’ tab and add Edited Date column in the ‘Manual Aggregation’ tab and selecting ‘Maximum’ as the aggregation.

All that is good.

But I don’t know how to then also include all the other columns in my final dataset.

I can’t add all the other columns to the ‘Groups’ tab because it does funky things.

I just want to return a record with all 10 columns where I am taking the latest date based on the Project Number.

I’m stuck on what to do after the GroupBy node in my workflow.

EDIT: Should I just use a JOINER node to join the other 8 columns I need based on PROJECT NUMBER and EDITED DATE as the identifiers to match?

Thanks heaps for any help.

H @summer_le

I think the joiner will get you there the quickest indeed.

A small example:

Then determine the max based on column1 (your Project Number). Find the max:

Join them based on the same column that you used for the groupBy.


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