Guide to scheduling batch workflow, plus into to web scraping

Hi everyone, there doesn’t seem to be too much info about how you can schedule a KNIME workflow using Batch and Task Scheduler so I’ve put together a quick guide.

It’s not fully comprehensive but it hopefully means you might avoid some of the pitfalls I did when I first attempted it.

There’s also a quick intro to web scraping using KNIME too as that was the example workflow I automated.

I hope it’s of benefit,



Hi @dpowyslybbe , you should probably mention that this is for Windows.

Also, a few grammatical errors there:
" KNIME workflows can be run from a Batch script, and Batch scrips can be scheduled"

Should be “scripts”.

I also see a few “in built”. I think the proper term is “built-in”.

You should also mention that the computer should be up and running for the scheduled task to run.

Nice article in general.


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