Guided Analytics for Machine Learning Automation


This workflow generates a fully automated web based application to select, train, test, and optimize a number of machine learning models. The workflow was designed for business analysts to easily create predictive analytics solutions by applying their domain knowledge. Each of the wrapped metanodes will generate a web page with which the business analyst can interact.

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Please note: In order to execute this workflow you also have to download all workflows and files which are part of the same workflow group. You can do this via our Example Server from KNIME Analytics Platform at /Examples/50_Applications/36_Guided_Analytics_for_ML_Automation/. Stay tuned, soon you can download entire workflow groups also from the hub :slight_smile:

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Hey amigos!

Is it possible to run this on a web server like Tomcat? Or do we have to have a KNIME Server license first?

Thanks, June.



Hi June,
you can run the guided analytics applications for free from the KNIME Analytics Platform. You open a view of the single Wrapped Metanode and a browser window will pop up. You interact with the view and then in the bottom right corner you can click “Apply” and “Close”. The interactions will be saved and passed on to the next nodes and you will then open the view with the next Wrapped Metanode going through the application step by step like this.

However if you want run the guided analytics application as web application remotely accessible by any web browser, you can without even having the KNIME Analytics Platform installed!

To do this you need the KNIME WebPortal, which comes with KNIME Server for which you would need a license. From the hardware point of view you can either use a Tomcat server on premises or on a cloud service like AWS EC2 Instance. KNIME Server is also available on Azure and Google Cloud.

So to answer your question you would need to have a license first, sorry :smile:

If you are interested in a KNIME Server Trial contact me at and I will see what I can do for you.