H2 Connector not using version 2.x

Hi everyone,

I was trying to connect to a local h2 database which I created with the h2-2.1.210 driver over dbeaver but KNIME throws the following error:

ERROR H2 Connector 0:13 Execute failed: File corrupted while reading record: null. Possible solution: use the recovery tool [90030-196]

An older h2 file created with h2-1.4.200 worked fine.

So I suspect the H2 Connector is not using 2.x dependencies, yet.

My KNIME Version is 4.5.2.v202203171119
The Version of the database extension is 4.5.2.v202203041212


@ulmako welcome to the Knime forum. You can just install and use the latest H2 driver yourself:

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Thank you. This worked perfectly.

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