H2O Partitioning Error

During the WF execution i get the following error :

ERROR H2O Partitioning 3:237 Execute failed: Job crashed without obvious reason! Cause: Name lookup of ‘$04ff16000000ffffffffe749f433fe36fa822b4b3a6d253aba$’ failed See log for details.
See the image below .

Hi @malik,

this problem should have been fixed with KNIME 3.6.1. Can you confirm, that you’re using 3.6.0?



Hi @christian.dietz

Im using Knime 3.6.1- If i chnge the internal setup to be Draw randomly rather than Stratified sampling
it works fine!


I just double-checked. The fix didn’t unfortunately make it into 3.6.1, however, the fix should be available with the nightly build! Sorry for the trouble!