Has Knime startup gotten slower?

I was wondering what has changed since Knime 3.7.x (I think it was even in 3.6) versus earlier versions of Knime (without checking by installing older versions) that would render is so much slower in starting the application.

When starting up Knime it stays rather long (ca 3 minutes) in the empty splash-screen before even loading the extensions (symbols showing up in splash screen) before finally opening the application (here as “fast as before”).
I would like to claim that this way below one (maybe two?) minute in the past. Don’t have an older version at hand to test though.
This is both on slower laptops, fast workstations, Win10, Ubuntu, new install and upgrades and has been observed by colleagues as well.

The performance otherwise is not an issue, only the slow start-up.

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the reason for that could be your virus scanner. You can check that while starting KNIME and looking into the task manager what draws your CPU resources.


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Hi there!

Here is a similar topic so take a look if you haven’t found it already…



It does happen even with turned off virus scanner??? I’ll add an exception anyway.
This works well at home, but at work it is a pain to get the IT department to do anything other than what exists in their world (i.e. why should we add an exception, you shouldn’t even be using this app if we didn’t package it…)

But I tried the solution with “-clean”, that seems to work.

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