HashCalculator using given private key and encrytion method

I would like to use this REST API https://docs.gravityforms.com/web-api/#authentication-for-external-applications to extract submitted data.
There is a hash parameter which needs to be created with a given private key. The Palladium HashCalculator does not use given keys so I tried to use the JavaSnippet node but as I am not used to Java programming so after some intents I got stuck with this task. Anybody with an idea how to solve this puzzle?

Attached you’ll find a java snippet which creates you a encrypted signature based on the example in the link you provided. You can output it as a column or change the output to a flow variable. What you have to change is the privateKey String as well as the signature itself but this is described in the API Documentation.

Hope this helps.

Edit: Not aware of the function of the Paladium HashCalculator.

java_hash_generator.knwf (6.1 KB)


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